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by David Grant on 09/30/13

For the latest blogs, rock columns, and writing from David S. Grant go to

SOLO ACT: Scott Weiland

by David Grant on 03/26/13

It's always been about Scott Weiland... Read the full post at

Interview with Lust Boys

by David Grant on 02/05/13

My interview with the Lust Boys via  Read the full interview here.

Sunday Old School: Firehouse

by David Grant on 01/27/13

The band that wanted to be the REO Speedwagon of eighties glam.  The story of FireHouse.  Read at

Interview with Brennan Mileto of Sisters Doll

by David Grant on 01/23/13

My new interview with Sisters Doll front man at  Read the full interverview here.

The Rockstar Ramblings: New Year Video Marathon

by David Grant on 01/11/13

It's a new year with videos (and commentary) from Hell's Addiction, Babyjane, Gene The Werewolf and more.  Read the full article at

Unauthorized 80's

by David Grant on 12/01/12

"Unauthorized 80's" a collection of sleazy glam biographies from the 80's is now available.  Get Your Copy Today!

Diemonds - Gas Mask Gary

by David Grant on 11/19/12

This week's Rockstar Ramblings checks in with Diemonds and their new video "Get The Fuck Outta Here."  Read more at

New Chaotic Riffs Issue

by David Grant on 10/12/12

Check out LIVE WIRE - this month's column reviews the videos of 2012.  Download your copy for FREE here today!

Sunday Old School: BULLETBOYS

by David Grant on 08/26/12

This week's Sunday Old School looks at the rise of 80's glam band BULLETBOYS.  To read the full column go to

CHAOTIC RIFFS now Available

by David Grant on 08/07/12

Check out the new Issue of Chaotic Riffs featuring Jack Russell's Great White and David S. Grant's LIVE WIRE column (page 18).  Download your free digital issue here!

Sex Slaves Cool Ride

by David Grant on 07/08/12

The Rockstar Ramblings takes a look at new videos from Black Tora and NYC Sex Slaves at  Click here and check out both videos out today!

The Rockstar Ramblings: Guns, Rebels, and Clowns

by David Grant on 06/23/12

This week a peek at new videos from Beggars and Thieves, HART, and Killer Klowns.  Read the full column at

                 The Rise, Fall, and Rise of 80's Front  men
into Pop Culture.  Think Behind The Music on Cocaine 

"Whether you're a closet glam fan who's able to laugh at yourself and the icons of your youth, or a naysayer looking for more proof that glam is worth mocking, 'Rock Stars' is definitely worth the read"  - Nicole Nash, Metal Undergrounnd
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                   UNAUTHORIZED 80's
The uauthorized collection of sleazy
rock star biographies from the glam 80's.

The Mancave Playbabes Feature Interview

The Mancave Playbabes Feature Interview

Sisters Doll
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Lust Boys
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